There could be something in your home right now that is the second leading cause of lung cancer, yet you can’t see or smell it.  It’s radon, and it enters your home through tiny cracks in your foundation.  You don’t have to have a basement to have radon- any foundation can crack and let the radon in the surrounding soil enter your home.  Opening the windows won’t help and could possibly make things worse if the radon levels in the soil outside your home are higher than that of the soil under your home.  But the good news is that radon mitigation is one of the least expensive home repairs most homeowners will ever face.

Even if your neighbor’s house has tested negative for radon, you could still have radon in your own home.  The only way to know is to have your home tested, either with a home radon test kit or by a professional.  Learn more about the dangers of radon from this infographic.




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