People have been burning things to keep warm in the winter since the discovery of fire.  You may think there haven’t been any advances in fireplace design since humans started using fire to keep warm, but you would be wrong.  Early fireplaces were in the middle of a hut and vented out a hole in the top.  Can you imagine what kind of mess that would cause when it rained really hard?

The Ancient Romans made tremendous advances in heating technology.  They had flues and systems of pipes that carried heat throughout buildings while venting the smoke outside.  Unfortunately after the fall of the Roman Empire, these advances were lost for a very long time.

Over the following centuries more and more improvements were made to fireplaces, particularly to venting them.  It wasn’t until the invention of two story homes for commoners that the fireplace outside the walls concept was developed.  Learn more about the history of fireplaces from this infographic.





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