Sometimes during the Holidays you might go out shopping for one thing and end up with something else entirely.  It’s called impulse buying and almost all of us do it at some point.  You’re a lot more likely to do it if you’re single, shopping without a list, or even if you drive to the store instead of walking.  A lot of complicated psychological factors go in to impulse buying, and some of them are pretty interesting.

For example, being in a bad mood can spur those impulse buys.  Buying something new for yourself can feel like a real treat and can enhance your mood.  Delusion can also play into some of those impulse decisions.  You might buy exercise equipment thinking it will make you want to exercise, only to find out you’ve wasted money on a really expensive place to throw your clothes at the end of the day.

Learn more about the psychology of impulse buying from this infographic.




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