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The Science Of Corporal Punishment [Infographic]

Spanking is a pretty controversial topic.  The vast majority of parents believe it’s ok to spank kids in some situations.  In spite of that, the vast majority- 85%- of parents who spank their kids say they would rather not if they had alternatives they could believe in.  There are a lot of alternatives to spanking, and taking the time to apply them correctly to the correct age group can help alleviate the need for corporal punishment in many instances.

Maintaining open communication between parents and children is key to forming strong bonds, so reasoning with older kids is a good place to start.  Sometimes removal of privileges can help, as can placing children or favorite toys in time out.  Positive reinforcement is also a great way to strengthen the bond between parent and child.  Establishing healthy boundaries is a lifelong process and is necessary for your kids to learn expectations.  Learn more about your parenting options from this infographic.



Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, an industry leading infographic design agency , based in Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH which works with companies that range from startups to Fortune 500s. Brian also runs #LinkedInLocal events nationwide, hosts the Next Action Podcast, and has been named a Google Small Business Advisor for 2016-2018. Follow Brian Wallace on LinkedIn as well as Twitter.

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