Some movies and television shows have cult followings.  There’s no end to the lengths fans will go to in order to explore every aspect of their favorite fiction.  A rising trend among some fans is a phenomenon called fancations.  Fans of certain movies or television shows travel to the locations where filming took place in order to gain a deeper understanding.

There are a lot of popular fancation destinations right now.  Breaking Bad fans have been flocking to Albuquerque since the first season of the show to check out such places as the car wash where Walter White worked and later owned and Los Pollos Hermanos.  Fans of Dr. Who have been flocking to London for decades to visit the TARDIS and the Dr. Who Shop.  Fans of Lord of the Rings can visit the actual Hobbiton in New Zealand that was used in the film.  Learn more about fancations from this infographic.




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