Santa buys and makes a lot of gifts- nearly 2 billion by Sparefoot’s best estimate.  That’s an average of 2 gifts apiece for each of the approximately 990 million kids worldwide who celebrate Christmas, assuming they’re all on the nice list.  That’s a lot of gifts.  Forget for a minute that Santa has to buy and make all those gifts, because honestly who can even calculate how much money he has to make each year to accomplish that.  What’s even more mind boggling than the shear number of gifts that cross Santa’s table each year is the fact that he has to hide them somewhere.

You can bet Mrs. Claus isn’t going to let him build a massive out building for this, nor can he fit them all in his attic and garage.  Santa needs an estimated 495,000 storage spaces to hide all those gifts, which accounts for nearly 2% of the world’s storage spaces.  The bill for storage alone comes to an estimated $127,710,000 per month.  It really makes you appreciate Santa that much more, doesn’t it?

Learn more about Santa’s storage needs by the numbers from this infographic.


and BTW, if you want to follow Santa during his yearly trek across the globe, follow him on the Google Santa Tracker here.



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