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Hands on: LifeCHARGE Juicypack LCD 10400

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been carrying around the latest phone/USB charger to cross my desk and this time it’s the LifeCHARGE Juicypack.  To be more specific its’ the LifeCHARGE Juicypack LCD 10400 mAh Portable Dual USB Power Bank.  All in all, that description covers the basic (and best) features of the product (except for the “Juicy” part… not sure where that comes in).


  • Nice LCD display
  • 10400 mAh of power
  • Portable (obvious?)
  • Dual USB (1 A and 2.1A)
  • LED light (not in the name!)

Let’s discuss each – The LCD display matches well with my OCD tendencies to always know where I am with my percentage of power remaining.  I can view it on my iPhone and now I can obsess over how much power is left on the battery pack.  Handy!  The LCD panel is a nice touch and lets the user know the following: Percentage of battery capacity remaining, whether the power is going in or out, and which output(s) are in use.  Quite nice and has a pleasant blue background.  10400 mAh of power means my 5s could be fully charged approximately 6+ times.  In practice I’m getting more like 4 charges but I’ve been messing with the flash light, leaving it sit for a day or so, using phone while charging etc.  Still, 10400 mAh is a good amt of available charging power.  The Juicy pack is obviously portable… but – How portable?  It weighs about 241g / 8.5 oz – add an iPhone and a cable you’re looking at close to a pound.  It’s small enough to fit in to a pocket so if you don’t mind that extra weight, you could conceivably carry it along with your phone.  This won’t work with jeans but with loose fitting shorts or sweats, it sort of works.  Just don’t try running.  The dual USB makes it easy to charge multiple devices at once.  This includes the more power hungry iPad which requires the 2.1A port.  Finally on the feature side – we have the simple but effective LED light.  Pressing the on/off button a couple times will switch on the light and another press will toggle it off.  It’s a handy feature that I’m seeing more often on the higher end portable chargers.


  • Glossy finish scratches easily
  • Slightly heavy
  • Long charge time

In the scheme of things, this drawbacks list falls in the low priority area.  Sure it scratches pretty easily but really that’s not a huge priority for me.  It being slightly heavier and having a longish charge time (around 10 hours give or take) is expected.  I expect that a high capacity battery will weigh more and take longer to charge than a lower capacity battery.

Bottom line – the features of the battery far outweigh any of the drawbacks listed above.  The battery has worked well in the short term – with about 4 full cycles of usage.

This item can be purchased at Amazon (this is an affiliate link) or at LifeCHARGE’s website here (note the version in the 2nd link has a slightly different look/case).  Note: Retail price is 59.99 but Amazon seems to have on sale right now for 44.99.


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