Climate Change Can Be Stopped [Infographic]

Climate change is real and it’s happening now.  We have the power to stop it, but we may not be able to reverse the damage we’ve already caused.  Scientists say we’re already locked in to a 1.5 degree celsius average temperature increase across the world, which is going to have major impacts everywhere.

For starters, the ocean levels across the world are expected to rise over thirty centimeters by the year 2100.  This will lead to bleaching of corals and loss of aquatic life forms.  Fish harvests will decrease significantly, leading to hunger problems among those who depend on the oceans for their food.

Storms will also increase in severity and frequency, causing loss of human life and property damage.  Agriculture will be impacted as well, and drinking water supplies could be compromised.

There are a lot of ways to stop the progression of climate change.  For starters, we need to stop subsidising fossil fuels and start taxing carbon emissions.  Learn more about climate change’s impact on the global economy from this infographic.

Turn Down the Heat: What Climate Change Means for Latin America,



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