Controversy is what makes reality television great, and no one delivers more controversy than Dave Hester on Storage Wars.  He’s been called greedy, arrogant, and annoying by his castmates, and he’s a never ending source of conflict both on and off the screen.

Hester has been fired from the show for his behavior and has sued a rap singer for using his signature catch phrase, “Yuup!”  Castmates and producers have plenty of stories about Hester’s controversial behavior, saying things like “he acts like he’s the only one who has a family to feed” and “he really crapped on us”.  There’s no shortage of animosity toward Hester coming from the cast and producers.

Greedy, mean people make for great controversy and conflict.  We love to hate reality television villains, and Dave Hester is no exception.  Check out this infographic for eight reasons why Hester is one of the best bad guys on reality tv.





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