Who drinks the most wine per capita?  Who produces the most wine?  You might be surprised at the answer.  France is near the top of all these lists, but they don’t come in first place in any of them.  The United States consumes the highest percentage of the world’s wine supply, while Vatican City consumes the most per capita by far.  Italy produces the most wine, but France is a close second followed by Spain.

wine.comWho Drinks The Most Wine? [Infographic] 1

California produces 90% of the United States’ wine, about 6.5 millions gallons per year, though the United States only produces just under 11% of the world’s wine supply.  THe United States’ production is fourth place in the world.  The second largest wine consumer per capita is Andorra, the tiny country between France and Spain, where citizens each consume about 46 liters of wine per year.  Learn more about the facts and figures of the world’s wine habits from this infographic.

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