It’s fall again and that means it’s pumpkin season.  Whether you’re planning a visit to the pumpkin patch or digging out your recipe for Aunt Myrtle’s famous pumpkin pie, chances are you’re going to be enjoying pumpkins in some way this pumpkin season.  Do you know where your pumpkins come from?

There’s a small town outside of Peoria, Illinois called Morton that is hailed as the pumpkin capital of the United States.  There’s a pumpkin processing plant there that processes 100,000 tons of pumpkins each year.  That’s enough to make 50 million pies that could span the continent more than 32 times.

Pumpkins have to be cured after harvesting to make their shells harder.  Despite those tough exterior shells, they are actually pretty fragile.  As soon as your pumpkin becomes bruised or nicked pests can invade, signaling the beginning of the end.  Learn all about pumpkins from this infographic.



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