The iRing is a “motion controller for music apps and more” by IK Multimedia.  The hardware is essentially 2 hard plastic “rings” that you hold in your hands.  The “rings” are not traditional rings that wrap around hour finger completely – they’re move of an hour glass shape with flat ends that fit nicely on just about any size hand.

The embedded video will illustrate the product and sample usage.


IMG_7787I’ve been a big fan of IK Multimedia products since I started reviewing them and I was excited to try out this new idea.  I still really like the idea but the actual usage, combined with the software was not up to the level I expected.  I’m hoping that over time and with some tuning of the software the experience will improve and make this another killer product.


  • Entertaining and innovative idea
  • Software fun to use to create beats/patterns
  • Software integration with Audiobus
  • Software works well with other IK Multimedia products/featuers


  • Spotty ability to control associated software
  • Bright light requirements

IK Multimedia - iLoudHands On: IK Multimedia iRing  1



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