Home security isn’t something most of us think about regularly.  We lock the doors and leave, secure in the knowledge that break-ins happen to other people, not us.  But are we really that safe?  What kinds of security upgrades can we make to improve our family’s safety?

For starters, we can automate pet care.  Wouldn’t it be nice to leave Rover at home and know that he will be let out as needed?  In the future, you won’t even have to give your dog food and water- your house will do that for you.

Busting teenagers for coming in after curfew will soon be your house’s job, too.  You won’t even have to bother with it.  And you can tell your house just how many times your Uncle Fred can get into the fridge while he’s staying with you over Thanksgiving.

For more about the future of home security, click the link to view the interactive version of this infographic.




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