In the late 1940s, humans began shooting small animals into space on missiles.  The purpose was to test the viability of a manned space mission.  Since then, there have been multiple manned space missions, including one that placed men on the moon for exploration.

Now the usefulness of the moon is being eyeballed.  There’s almost as much surface area on the moon as there is on the continent of Asia, and the possibilities seem endless.  It’s still pretty expensive to get up there, but perhaps in the future demand will drive down the cost.

Imagine taking your next vacation to the moon’s lunar resort.  Imagine that the resort is powered by a solar farm on the sunny side of the moon, and that there’s a spaceship recharging station right next door.

A more immediate possibility for the moon is in the works already.  Copies of the world’s religious texts will be stored there as an act of cultural preservation in case of the demise of the human race.  Check out this infographic for more.

Using The Moon For Cultural Preservation [Infographic] 1


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