Health insurance has traditionally not covered much in the way of mental health care, especially drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation.  Now thanks to the Affordable Care Act, drug treatment will be covered on all plans, making it easier and more affordable for addicts to get the help they need.

Addictions to substances such as crystal meth, heroin, and crack vary by state.  Some states have very high rates of addiction and others have very low rates of addiction.  Hawaii, for example, has a really high rate of crystal meth addiction, whereas Rhode Island has a very low rate of crystal meth addiction.

Learn more about rates of addiction as well as the cost to our economy from this infographic.  Help is becoming more accessible than ever before, even though there are still obstacles.  Getting help is within reach, and it will benefit us all in savings to the healthcare system, reductions in crime, and recouped lost productivity.

America Addicted: What are the most abused drugs in your state?(Infographic)



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