If you’re sitting at work hungry reading this, chances are your company doesn’t offer free food and snacks as part of your job perks.  However, some of the most successful companies offer this and many other perks to keep their employees happy.

For instance, SAS offers child care, adoption assistance, maternity and paternity leave, dry cleaning, auto detailing, and domestic partner benefits, just to name a few.  Another company, BCG, offers paid sabbaticals, job sharing, compressed work weeks, social impact projects, and burnout prevention. among others.  Google offers free lunches and snacks, a fitness center and gym membership, tuition reimbursement, and a concierge, just to name a few.

Why would companies provide these benefits to their employees?  Employee happiness is key to preventing turnover, and happy employees work harder in the long run.  For more information about the importance of happy employees as well as what the best companies do right, check out this infographic.

What Top Companies Do Right
Source: TopManagementDegrees.com


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