Most people only see a chiropractor after a serious accident and upon recommendation from their doctors. However, these medical professionals may be used as ongoing, preventative tools for your overall well-being. Specializing in proper spine alignment, getting an adjustment every few weeks has been shown to address a number of issues from recurring headaches to frequent sore muscles from working out. chiropractors

Are you considering adding a chiropractor to your team of health professionals? The potential benefits are many depending on you, your body, your activities and your goals. Don’t wait until a serious action to take control of your health. Just like acupuncturist, naturopathic doctors and massage therapists, a chiropractor can be a key player in preventing future injuries and disease as well as treating chronic issues.

Here are a few times when chiropractors may help outside of a car crash:

1. Ongoing joint or muscle pain

If you’ve been complaining about joint or muscle pain and other approaches haven’t worked, it might be time to see a chiropractor. The spine can impact any other part of the body, so don’t assume that it’s not related to your chronic pain.

2. You sit a lot at work

That ball you sit on at the office for 10 hours isn’t a miracle worker. Many Americans are sedentary at work, practice bad posture, and don’t have the best ergonomic furniture at their disposal. If you sit a lot throughout the day, a chiropractor can help offset that.

3. You get sharp pain from your hip to your ankle

This might be a sign of nerves being pinched, with the kinks actually originating from the lower spine. This symptom should never be ignored, but if you’ve seen a traditional doctor and it’s still happening, it’s worth checking with a chiropractor.

4. You have chronic headaches or migraines

Headaches can be a sign of many things, and even if they’re “just” stress-related, chiropractor care can help lessen them or even eliminate them. The goal is to ensure your body is as aligned as possible so physical stressors aren’t making mental or emotional stressors worse. Work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals for this battle.

5. The bottom of your shoes look different

One of the first things many chiropractors do is look at the soles of your feet. Ideally, they’re worn evenly, but that often isn’t the case. Something as simple as the right inserts might correct imbalances and have you feeling better soon.


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