If you’re looking for a career in technology, there are many choices. If you have hands-on skills, engineering may be an option. If you’re more interested in programming, there are several routes for that as well.


The demand for technologically advanced products and services is rising dramatically, and you’ll want to get on board. Below are the top jobs in technology that might interest you.

1. Computer Systems Administrator

This job market is expected to add more than 90,000 positions in the near future. If your interests lie with improving computer performance and sharing knowledge with telecommunications networks, then this career path may be fulfilling and rewarding for you.

2. IT Manager

Every time there are issues with email or Microsoft Word, these are the experts that can fix those problems. IT managers are just a call away and can guide anyone about what to do during computer emergencies.

Being the manager of the IT department, you can ensure that your company’s computer systems are safe from hackers and running smoothly. This job has many rewards, and one of them is providing services to those who are not familiar with solving more advanced tech problems.

3. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers know the ins and outs of software and how to rewrite programs. These truly gifted individuals have to maintain an enormous amount of patience when dealing with some of the issues that arise while debugging and upgrading internal software. This career can be rewarding for people who live and breath computer technology.

4. Database Administrator

If you have a tendency to go nuts when things are not neatly arranged and if technology is like eating and breathing for you, then this career is the one you want may want. Cleaning, upgrading, and organizing components of databases are the main responsibilities of an administrator.

5. Software Developer

This tech job allows you the comfort of writing code in the privacy of your home. An added bonus: this career sector projects that it will add another 100,000 individuals to its ranks.

6. Civil Engineer

If building projects seem fun to you, then you might consider this career opportunity. An engineer has the ability to excel to high places, sometimes literally, when working on bridges and skyscrapers.

7. Medical Technologist

The health industry is always in need of professionals, and what better way to exercise your technical skills than by entering one of the most in-demand sectors of commerce? The opportunities are endless if you enter the health-tech sector. But you need to have ample certification in order to qualify for this kind of job.

Whatever sector in technology you choose to embark on, your objective is to be successful. The future lies in technology and you should be a part of that future!


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