Whether traveling across the state, country or planet, the array of apps make mobile devices the perfect traveling tool. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, business trips or vacations become more relaxed. Plan an itinerary in advance or enjoy a spur of the moment adventure. Free apps make it all possible.



Perhaps you’ve arrived at your destination after business hours but need some essentials. TheHoursMap app helps travelers locate restaurants and stores. The helpful information includes venue opening and closing hours, which are accessible with a mere tap. Choose a specific category or enter a search word and find what you’re looking for instantly. The continually updated database features hundreds of thousands of businesses. With a glance, color-coded displays tell you which venues are open, closed or offer more information about a particular destination. Additionally, sites include photographs, driving directions and allow you to bookmark your favorites.


Especially designed for the international business traveler,CNN Travel recommends this app that combines all of your destination information in one convenient place. Check on car rentals, hotel reservations, and flight times or build an entire itinerary having all the information you need concerning your trip on the same page. Other convenient features include a selection of business utilities that include Outlook, LinkedIn integration and the chance to enter scheduling information. Find weather forecasts and world clocks. Share vital information with colleagues from across the globe. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone5 and iPod.


Highly recommended byBlackberry World, this app brings your travel experience into the realm of virtual reality. Scan your current location with the camera on your smartphone and instantaneously see multiple categories of information pertaining to your exact location. Get a list of accommodation options, the evening’s events, local restaurants and pubs. Likewise, users may scan photographs, animations or videos and get directions for specific locations or make purchases online. The information originates from TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, Yelp and social networks. The technology also includes a currency converter. Scan paper currency and the app immediately translates the information into the equivalent currency of various countries.


TheiGeeks Blog suggests this app when traveling to a foreign nation without a knowledge of the local language. The app translates an English phrase or word into 12 different languages and includes audio files that provide accurate pronunciation. The database comes equipped with more than 300 common phrases that are frequently needed by travelers. Twenty different categories make it easy to ask for help, offer greetings, go shopping or look for transportation. Additionally, users have the option to add new phrases and recordings. Best of all, once downloaded, the app does not require an Internet connection to access. The iStone app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

Regardless of your travel plans, there are apps that are bound to make your experience more enjoyable. Before your next trip, take the time to explore the possibilities provided by numerous experienced travelers.



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