What can high schools do to promote academic achievement?  Attendance is important, but so is professional development.  One study showed that after 49 hours of professional development, student performance can increase as much as 21 percent.  Schools need to emphasize professional development, dedicate time and mentors to new teachers, and provide a list of approved development courses teachers can take.

There are many successful schools in the United States that are turning out great students.  Some, like William Floyd High School in Long Island, are public schools that serve a lot of economically disadvantaged students.  Others, like The Gow School in South Wales, N.Y., are private or even boarding schools with low teacher to student ratios.

For more about schools that are turning out great students, check out this infographic.  It’s worthwhile to praise good schools and highlight how they are able to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Great High Schools
Source: TopEducationDegrees.org


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