Using products made of wood could help reduce your carbon footprint.  It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  How does cutting down trees help reduce carbon emissions?  The answer is simple: when forests are used for raw materials, they are managed against forest fires and pests, and new wood is constantly being planted.  Even simply recognizing the power of forests to capture our carbon emissions is enough to spur forest-protecting action.

A few things need to happen in order to harness the carbon-capturing power of our forests.  First, they need to be protected from demolition.  Next, science needs to be used to study and utilize forests in the best possible way.  Already demolished forests need to be restored and preservation needs to take precedence.  Finally, urban forests need to be expanded to capture more carbon where it is being released.

Learn more about the carbon-capturing power of forests from this infographic.  Forests can do more than you think!

Putting forests to work
Source: American Forest Foundation


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