Social networks rise to popularity quickly and sometimes fall just as fast.  Myspace once ruled the social network scene until it was usurped by Facebook.  The power and influence wielded by these networks is a lot like the power and influence wielded by the characters in the popular television show Game of Thrones.

Margaery Tyrell has been touted as “The People’s Queen”, but after her allegiance with the Lannisters a shadow has been cast on her good name.  Instagram’s recent acquisition by Facebook also caused its reputation to become blemished.  Facebook, like the Lannisters, is the major power player of social media, using its wealth to gain more power.

Don’t discount Google+ yet.  Even though it controls only 3% of the global share, it also boasts 300 million active monthly users.  Like Petyr Baelish, it is sitting back quietly planning the next move.

For more about how the social media game is a lot like the Game of Thrones, check out this handy new infographic.  Be cautious, though, it contains spoilers!

Social is Coming Game of Thrones Infographic

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