The World Cup draws billions of viewers.  The 2010 FIFA World Cup was watched by nearly half of the world’s population.  So it’s no wonder that it is being used as a platform to showcase major technological advancements.

For starters, the ceremonial first kickoff will be made by a Brazilian paraplegic with the help of a mind-controlled human exoskeleton.  This exoskeleton features a 3-D printed headpiece, sensors that monitor brain activity, and a battery-powered hydraulic suit that will aid the paralyzed person’s movements.

Goal line sensors will also help referees make better calls.  This solar-powered sensor net will send information directly to a ref’s watch.  Even the Adidas balls being used in the games is technologically advanced.

Nearly half the world’s population watched the last World Cup, so this event is a great platform for showcasing new technology.  For more about technological advancements being showcased at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, check out this infographic.

The First 3 Seconds Of The World Cup Will Change Everything [Infographic] 1


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