Smart phones are everywhere, and chances are most of the people in your company have one. They revolutionize the way we work and play, but sometimes they can place our sensitive data at risk. Smart phone owners access company data from their devices an astonishing 67% of the time. This is great because employees can work whenever and wherever they find inspiration. But what happens if they lose a device?

A recent study was conducted in which cell phones were left in random places. About half of people attempted to return them. Shockingly, 96% of people searched through personal data on the devices, and 83% tried to access sensitive corporate data on the devices. With this kind of threat looming out there, it pays to train employees how to protect sensitive corporate data.

Check out this infographic for possible threats to your company’s sensitive data, and be sure to share it within your organization to raise awareness of these threats.

Company Data Should Not Go Viral [Infographic] 1


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