Don’t have time to squeeze in some home maintenance and hit the gym? You can do both, as long as you’re dedicated and use a little imagination.

The reality is that working on your home can be a great workout, but only if you practice good techniques and tackle a few projects at once. Plus, it’ll give you a welcome break from your regular gym routine and you’ll have immediate results you can admire … unlike those not-so-ready results from your lifting regimen. DIYHomeImprovement

If you want to multi-task and achieve a better-looking house and body, think about pursuing home maintenance as your workout regimen. Of course, you’ll still need to call in the professionals for the bigger jobs.

But to satisfy the handyman in you, you can DIY many smaller jobs. Consider one of these projects to beautify your home and your body.

1. Painting for upper body toning

Whether it’s interior or exterior, brushing, painting, and scarping is a great workout for the arms. Add a little more pressure for a thicker layer and a more intense muscle workout.

Make things tougher by forcing yourself to bend down low repeatedly for more paint, and practice your good posture (straight back!) each time.

2. Gardening for an all-over workout

Gardening doesn’t just require a full body workout; it’s also a natural stress reliever. All of that bending, stretching, digging, and shoveling can easily work up a sweat.

Just make sure you’re protected with sunscreen that you re-apply every two hours, though. Studies have shown that gardening can be a killer workout, so take advantage of it.

3. Deck staining for abs and arms

Staining a deck is a relatively quick project that requires strong arms and abs. The necessary pushing, pulling, and twisting can make for an intense workout.

Take your iPod dock outside and turn the job into a party, and suddenly that Zumba class you’ve been skipping doesn’t seem like that great of a workout. Treat yourself to some healthy grilled veggies or white fish on your new deck once it’s dried.

4. Roof sealant for an all-over workout (and balance!)

There are some roof coatings such as EPDM which are very DIY friendly if you’re up for the task. Be careful, though, since any work on the roof comes with some obvious risks. If you do it right, you can work on your balance while working out your arms and abs, too.

Why not double up your efforts and make the most of it? Home improvement is a guaranteed way to get gloriously sore when your gym routine goes stale.


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