Are you interested in getting the word out about your business during your next vacation or work-related trip? Don’t miss out on opportunities to showcase your work!

You never know when you’ll meet your next customer or business partner while you’re at the airport or driving to a new destination. There are ways to draw attention to your brand even while you’re on the road.

Here are three methods of making an impression during your travels.

1. Paper media

How many times a week do you get stuck wishing you had a business card to give to someone? Don’t make this mistake ever again!

Before you leave on a business trip or vacation, make sure you pack a box of business cards and relevant promotional flyers if you have them. Double-check the accuracy of your contact information, especially if it may have changed recently.

Business cards and flyers allow you to skip the awkwardness of scribbling your contact information on a paper napkin, the next time you want to share business information.

2. Online presence

Don’t neglect to tell people about your digital presence. If your company has an online portfolio, make sure that folks you talk to learn about it.

Directing someone to bookmark your mobile website can be a fine stand-in for business cards, if you’re all out. Make sure that you polish your online portfolio before leaving for vacation, so new contacts can see the your products and services showcased to the best advantage.

3. Vehicle signage

If you’re going to be driving out of town, then you can reach a considerable audience by consulting a vehicle wrap company in Phoenix. Their custom vehicle wraps allow you to display high-quality logos, text, and graphics on your car, which will guarantee an enormous amount of easy exposure.

You’ll be able to reach all-new audiences while on the road and when you park at various locations. This is a passive marketing opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. Work with a vehicle wrap design specialist to make sure your business is represented effectively.

Before you get ready to leave for your next trip, brainstorm ways to transform your travels into a unique marketing opportunity for your company. You’ll have a chance to break away from your local demographics and gain exposure with new audiences.

Take advantage of this opportunity by preparing paper promotional materials, revamping your online portfolio, and displaying your logo on your vehicles with pride.


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