An astonishing 95% of returned electronics are perfectly fine. The main reasons why they get returned is either buyer’s remorse or frustration. But what happens to all those returned electronics and how do those returns affect a retailer’s bottom line?

Common mistakes retailers make that cost them money are not developing resale channels for their returns, not planning for proper disposal of e-waste, and spending more money fixing returns than they can be resold for. If retailers properly assess returns and file them into the correct categories, re-selling refurbished returns can help recoup lost profits.

There is a large demand for refurbished electronics. Retail value for refurbished electronics is 35-75% of the original retail cost. Retailers can make them even more profitable by bundling accessories with them. Check out this infographic for more facts and figures about retail electronic returns and share it with your friends. Would you buy a refurbished electronic device?

Don’t Get Burned On Retail Returns Reverse Logistics Of Refurbished Electronics


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