The internet has the ability to be many different things to many different people. It is the perfect tool for researching 16th century Scandanavian poetry or just to find out who won your University’s Lacrosse game last night. With the variation in information available on the web, it may seem as though we are more different than ever.

Thankfully, statistics don’t bear that out. For starters, the vast majority of us are entering the web via search engines, and nearly 70% of those searches are being done on Google. A surprising majority are still using Internet Explorer to browse the web, and more iPhones are being used to access the web than any other smart phone.

We are also searching for a lot of the same things and creating a lot of the same content. The blood moon was searched for over 5 million times in early 2014, yielding over 172 million search results. Check out this infographic for more.

How Do You Internet


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