Is Common Core Really the Answer? [Infographic]

Already implemented in all but five states nationwide, Common Core math is the new way we’re teaching our youth. But recently it’s caught a lot of hate from students and parent’s alike who are struggling to understand the concept of how this new math standard works, and why we even needed a change.

Basically, Common Core math calls for students to break down math problems by giving and taking digits until it’s broken down enough that the question can be solved quickly. For example, seven plus seven equals fourteen, but Common Core would tell us to break down one of the sevens into three plus four. From there we have seven plus three plus four, which still equals fourteen. But wait, we’re not there yet. Next, we add the three to the remaining seven, leaving us with ten plus four which then gives us our final answer (and answer all along), fourteen. Long story short, it’s teaching kids to show their work on math that we do in our heads on a daily basis.

Is Common Core ruining your kid’s life? Check out this infographic for more on what really is going on in math class and what it could mean for your child’s success in school. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comments and don’t forget to like and share with your friends.

Common Core


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