Have you ever driven past a construction site and wondered just what all that equipment did?  Just try explaining it to a toddler who already knows more about it than you do.

Now you can brush up on your construction equipment knowledge so the next time a toddler tries to school you on it, you can show her who’s boss.  This infographic details five common pieces of construction equipment as well as what they do.

A Bulldozer, for example, has many important parts.  The “crawler” allows is to crawl over mud and rough terrain without getting stuck.  The ripper, that part on the front, levels ground and pushes around dirt and rocks.  The blade, on the back, is used to rip up the ground.  A Bulldozer’s primary functions are to rip up and level land, and it is usually the first piece of equipment on a construction site.

Brush up on your construction equipment knowledge with this handy infographic, and be sure to share it with your friends.

Construction Equipment [Infographic] 1


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