When you work for a nonprofit, you may assume the best thing for your organization is to suck it up and deal with inferior technology.  Technology upgrades are expensive and learning to use them takes time.  That surely translates to time and money wasted, right?


Not necessarily.  Upgrading to newer, more efficient technology can increase your organization’s productivity over time.  Did you know that an average of 4 weeks per year are spent trying to locate misfiled paper documents?  Upgrading to a digital system can help reduce paper consumption and save you time overall.  Paper files take up space and time- a file cabinet takes up an average of 9 square feet of space and the average business doubles its paper documents every 3.3 years.

It’s time to upgrade your systems.  It’s more efficient of both time and space.  This infographic breaks down the details.  Be sure to share it with your colleagues.

Update Your Tech and Get on with the Mission
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