Today, one in 10 Americans are taking antidepressant medication. Are there ways to treat depression without the use of medication? Regular exercise not only protects against heart disease and cancer, but it enhances the action of endorphins, boosting the body’s natural immunity and reducing the perception of pain. This can serve to improve mood and overall health. In fact, the effects of regular exercise last longer than those of antidepressants. Strength training, yoga classes or hiking are all options to get moving and increase endorphin production. Not only does exercise help to treat depression, but it offers a host of other health benefits, including: protection against heart disease, lower blood pressure, muscle control, increased self-esteem, improved flexibility, improved balance and increase in energy. Overall, regular exercise is a great alternative to medication for those looking to treat depression. One study even found that people who used aerobic exercise as treatment were just as likely as those who used medication to successfully treat major depression.  Check out this infographic for more.

Exercise vs Antidepressants Source:


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