We live in a connected society.  If a customer tries to engage you on social media and you don’t respond immediately, chances are they will take their business elsewhere.  But if you develop a solid presence on the mobile web and you are responsive to your customers on social media, the sales are there for you to take.

Consumers are using their smartphones for a good portion of their online shopping, even to order food.  In fact, retailers are reporting that smartphone revenue grew 113% between 2012 and 2013 and tablet revenue grew 86% over the same period.

Retailers report that social media has had the greatest impact on their revenues, followed by mobile and online shopping, mobile and online coupons, and use of mobile technology by associates in stores.  Retailers are making mobile apps a priority for 2014 as a result.

If your business doesn’t have a presence on the mobile web, it’s time to establish one.  Check out this infographic for more details on how the mobile web can help your business.

Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first. [infographic]


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