Companies spend a lot of money building infrastructure, but they also spend a lot of money maintaining infrastructure.  Now they are getting smart and spending money on sensors that monitor even the slightest change in the normal operations of that infrastructure.  Currently there are 50 billion sensors in things, and that number is expected to increase to a whopping 2 trillion in the next few years.  But what do these sensors actually do?

For starters, they monitor everything from heat and vibration to sounds and revolutions per minute.  If there’s even a slight change, service technicians can be alerted to fix the infrastructure before is suffers a catastrophic failure.  This translates to more predictability and reliability in our machines.  It also means fewer breakdowns and less interruption to normal operations.

In the future, service technicians will be alerted to problems before they become problems.  Check out this infographic for more details on the future of the connected service technician.  Be sure to share it with your friends!

Connected Field Technician Infographic


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