Social media is taking over our lives.  Many of us can’t even manage to get through dinner without checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Never before in human history has such insight into the inner workings of our fellow man been so readily available.  But with that great wealth of information also comes the great responsibility to use it wisely.

The rules of etiquette for social media have been slow to catch up to the advances in the platforms themselves.  But now there’s help for your dear old Aunt Mildred, who just signed up for her first Facebook account.

If Aunt Mildred is oversharing, commenting too much, or just plain doing it wrong, feel free to point out that there are etiquette rules for social media.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a free-for all.  Let Aunt Mildred know there’s no shame in asking for help, and that for once the younger generations actually know what they’re talking about.  See this infographic for more.

Social Media Etiquette



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