What do you get when you combine nursing skills with information technology? You get the field of Nursing Informatics, a rapidly growing sector of the healthcare industry. Professionals in this field combine these skills to improve patient care. In a survey of these professionals, 57 percent report they are highly satisfied with their jobs, and 81 percent are satisfied to highly satisfied with their career decision.


This isn’t bad at all, especially when you consider that the average salary for Nursing Informatics Specialists in 2014 is $100,717. Specialists in the field serve as Communication and IT Developers, Educators, Researchers, Chief Nursing Officers, Software Engineers, Implementation Consultant and Policy Developers.

Nursing Informatics Specialists develop standards, devise standards, communicate new data to be put into place, support safe patient-centered care, use technology-based methods of communication to address workflow needs and envision, design and manage new ways to apply technology to healthcare.

To learn more about this surging field, check out the full infographic below!



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