Getting the customer service part of any business isn’t easy, and yet it’s the most important part of of any corporation. Just one bad customer service experience, and 89% of consumers say they would take their business to a competitor never to return. Similarly, 55% of those customers who left say they would even pay a little extra for the goods or services if there were a guarantee of better customer service. Bad customer service may be frustrating for the consumer, but it also costs businesses a lot of money.

Real estate, education, and IT services, lead the customer service industries as the three areas with the highest customer satisfaction ratings at about 95%. Social media, telecommunications, and gaming, however are at the lowest of the low at an average of 71% customer satisfaction.

Ever have a terrible customer service experience? Tell us about it in the comments after you take a look at this infographic. What are your expectations when it comes to customer service?

How the Cloud is changing Businesses


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