How to Make A Property Stand Out When You’re Selling 1

A new coat of paint and an entire addition are pretty typical ideas people come up with when they’re thinking of home improvements, especially with an eye to increasing property value. There must be a positive return on the improvement’s cost, especially if a homeowner is thinking about selling the property eventually.

Although installing new carpeting and cleaning windows are standout notions, several projects can truly make a home shine for an open house.

Add some bells and whistles

Fascination with the latest technological gadgets keeps consumers buying new smartphones and tablets each year. Keep that idea in mind when you upgrade your home’s technology.

Home automation is not as expensive as it once was. You might consider adding a security system with enhancements. Control the lights and air conditioning with a tap on a smartphone icon. Activate the security system from several miles away, if it wasn’t activated when everyone left for the day.

When a homeowner can show off all these “bells and whistles,” his home looks more attractive than the neighbor’s house down the street. Buyers may even increase their bid to ensure they land the automated home.

Where’s the kitchen?

Older interior layouts created a closed-off space around the kitchen. Essentially, the cook was hidden from view as guests relaxed in the dining or living room.

For a relatively minor renovation, consider opening up the kitchen with a simple wall removal. Creating a flow between the dining room and kitchen allows guests to mingle with the cook, and forms a more social area.

Any nearby windows also feed more light into the immediate space, thus brightening the home naturally. You should consult an engineer to verify whether the wall is load-bearing or encloses critical plumbing, of course. It may be necessary to reroute these items, if that’s possible.

Take a walk outside

One of the most unique home improvement ideas is a French door installation. On the ground floor, look for a room with a basic window and good view. Take a look at the immediate outside area from that window.

If there’s space, such as a grassy area or small garden, consider removing the windows and installing French doors instead. You can create an instant patio feeling as guests flow from the interior to the backyard.

A reputable contractor is necessary for this kind of project, but the return could be extremely plentiful when it comes time to sell.

Keep the laundry handy

Although the washer and dryer are not the most high-brow furnishings in your home, they are extremely important for daily functioning.

Avoid having to travel to a small corner or into the basement for laundry time. Move the laundry into a main closet close to a bathroom or kitchen. If possible, purchase a stackable laundry system to fit everything in one closet.

Close the door to keep it out of sight when not in use. Laundry time is much easier with this new arrangement, because the system is more centralized to the bedrooms and other laundry-generating areas.

Get creative when looking for home improvement ideas that pay off. Small- to medium-sized projects make buyers look twice and bid higher for unique changes.


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