Since the Gutenberg printing press, printing has been an essential part of business and will continue to be as mobile device use grows within the workday. By the year 2015, the mobile printing market will be worth nearly one billion dollars with more than 50% of mobile device users printing from those devices in an office environment.

According to TechNavio, printing is the most requested feature for new mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. As general use of mobile devices grows, there is a marked penetration of those devices in the workday. Where once it was poor form or even forbidden to use mobile phones at work, 70% of businesses now allow their employees to use their mobile devices for work and sometimes personal business.

The need to print will continue, and the relationship between mobile devices and printers will grow even closer. What are your expectations for the mobile printing in the future? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this infographic with your friends.

Mobile Devices and Printers: A Compatible Couple



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