How to Throw Your Own VIP Soiree, Vegas Style! 1

Hosting a great party is a memorable way to have fun and entertain your friends. When it comes to throwing a lively and entertaining soiree, no other city does it like Las Vegas.

Since going to Vegas to throw a party isn’t necessarily the most feasible option, you want to try to bring that Sin-City vibe back home to where you live. You can do it with the right presentation. Here’s how.

Find a proper venue

Finding a solid venue to hold your soiree isn’t that easy. You may have many available options.

The venue should be large enough to move around and socialize. Bar placement, personnel, and availability are crucial. The draw of a Vegas nightclub is not necessarily the music or even the drinks. These are catalysts for a good time, but it’s more the general venue that’s the big draw.

The space where the party happens must be inviting and encourage attendees not only to drink, dance, and be social, but also be seen as well. Venue layout and decor will set the overall tone and energy of the party.

Set the theme

Every great party has an amazing theme. A Vegas-style party is no different. There are certainly standards that attract just about anyone.

Color schemes in which white and red predominate are the most common. Then there are era themes, where guests show up in costumes relating to a particular time period.

A great party does something original, though. A soiree with a unique theme will nail the mood for your party. Go ahead and be creative! Tackle themes that are trending or go with a completely unique idea that nobody has ever tried before.

Hire an energetic DJ

To create a Vegas-style party, you need to re-create the energy of a Vegas nightclub. That energy includes pumping dance music that gets people revved up.

Hiring the right DJ for the party is critical to setting the right level of energy. It takes a special kind of DJ to create a flow that’s the soundtrack for a Vegas nightclub. A run-of-the-mill wedding/corporate event DJ just won’t do.

This means you’ll want to check credentials and take the DJ’s advice. Remember, his or her job is to move the crowd. So the person you hire should know how to set the tone.

Arrive in style

Once the details of the party have been set and it’s time for the shindig to roll, you can make a big statement by pulling up in a limousine. You mustn’t show up alone, though. Every great party organizer has an entourage in tow.

Hire a limousine service, pick up your most stylish friends, and head to the party. Have that limo pull right in to the curb and make sure that everyone knows you’ve arrived.

Remember that the quintessential Vegas-style party is all about the vibe and energy. The city revolves around a certain no-holds-barred attitude that draws certain types of people to town. Recreating that vibe is the goal of throwing a VIP soiree that’s truly in the style of Las Vegas!


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