Family fun time these days often loses out to electronics and school activities. In the hope of reviving traditional family values, many places strive to provide a variety of activities for families if they agree to put away their computer devices and get some increased face time.

Here are some of the activities that bring a little real life back into the family circle.

Children’s museums

Children learn when they can get their hands on things. Water, blocks, science experiments, and old fashioned pretend play are what children’s museums are all about.

A children’s museum focuses on getting a child to learn some science or history, but when parents get down on the floor too, the learning happens together — and offline.


Farms are a wonderful educational opportunity for families. Some farmers will open their doors to speak with families about animal care and how our food is created. Traveling to a farm is an opportunity for the family to spend a great deal of time outdoors, and explore the animals, machinery, and fields of a real working farm.


Colleges also open their doors to families for certain events. You can visit a college to find out how it operates, what it does exactly, and how students live.

Parents only need to watch their local college message boards to find out what’s available for families. Give your children an experience to remember, and perhaps they will choose that college close to home.

Local libraries and play groups

Many communities host play groups and other events at local libraries. To take advantage of these opportunities, follow library community boards or search for local play groups.

The effort is worth the time you can get away from the electronics. Parents and children spend time reading, socializing, and interacting with something other than a computer.

Seasonal activities

Many resorts offer activities for families year round. Snow bunnies can enjoy snowboarding or ski lessons followed by hot chocolate in the lounge.

Pools and parks offer family events in the summertime. Many outdoor events welcome family members of all ages and consider the children in their event planning. Finding a fun event for the whole family is simply a matter of searching the local event pages to find something that works for you.

Horseback riding

Nothing brings a family together like enjoying the landscape from the back of a horse. If your family loves to look at cute cat pictures or animals on the Internet, try getting up close and personal with a horse.

Many different cities offer horseback riding or mini cattle drives for the family. You can take the kids to view the Phoenix scenery, the mountains of the Northeast, or the deep majesty of the Grand Canyon on the back of a donkey.

Malls and shopping

Some malls have gone beyond the usual stores and built a true destination for families. These malls have places to climb, play, explore, shop, eat, and experience a full day of family fun. If there’s a mall like this near you, you’re in luck.


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