Is there an inherent link between poverty and obesity in the United States?  This infographic examines the evidence.  With 46 million people recorded to be living below the poverty line and 35% percent of adults being obese, there is a strong case to be made that poorer health choices are made when education and income levels are lower.  This can be attributed to several things.  Those living in poorer counties are more likely to be sedentary, meaning they expend less energy.  These people might also be unable to afford a gym membership or live in areas that do not motivate outdoor activity.  Poverty-dense areas also tend to lack quality food.  These are called food deserts and likely only offer inexpensive alternatives tend to be low in nutritional value and high in preservatives, fats, salt and refined sugar.  Obesity accounts for 70% of all health costs in the United States and the food stamp market has quadrupled in the last twenty years from $20 billion to $80 billion annually.



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