While the health of the U.S. economy and overall job prospects remain less than ideal, certain fields are thriving—and computer programming is one of them. It’s forecasted that by 2020 computer-related employment will rise 22 percent, resulting in the creation of 1.4 million jobs. The strongest demand will be for software developers. Less than 2.4 percent of students graduate with computer science degrees, however. If current trends continue, U.S. citizens will be able to fill just 30 percent of the country’s computer science jobs.

There’s a pending bill that may help alleviate this in the future. U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas has introduced a new bill that, if passed, will classify computer programming as a foreign language and allocate grants for schools to teach coding as early as kindergarten.

Ready to get into coding but not sure where exactly to start? No worries at all! There are many programs and apps available that you can find on sources such as Code.org, Code School, Treehouse, Lynda, Codecademy, Udemy and CoderDojo.

For more information, check out the full infographic below!

Cracking the Code
Source: TopComputerScienceDegrees.com


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