Not every job these days leaves you squeaky clean at the end of the day.  Working in the medial field can require a stomach of steel as it can be a very messy endeavor.  A seriously disgusting job is as a medical waste biohazard cooker which concerns the disposal of medical waste.  This involves steaming bags of waste at 260°F which can produce an aroma that is described as burning rubber, BO and smelly feet.  Another nasty job is decontaminating crime and trauma scenes.  Cleaning up after a crime involves tidying up scenes of murder, suicide or rape and usually means contact with bodily fluids and decomposing bodies.  CTS decontaminators also clean up chemical contamination found in meth labs and anthrax infected sites.  Proctology is another dirty job.  General practitioners will refer patients to a proctologist when they require surgery for issues relating to the colon or rectum.  This infographic takes a look at these and other utterly disgusting medical jobs.



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