A Bachelor’s degree is a heavy investment—in both time and money. The full sticker price of attending a public university may run close to $25,000 while a private university may set a student back by $45,000. It’s no surprise then that the average student debt load is at a staggering $29,000. What’s all this for? What does a Bachelor’s degree really earn a graduate? The degree has contributed toward 16 percent of the country’s bartenders, 14 percent of parking lot attendants, 23 percent of flight attendants and 12 percent of taxi drivers.


Securing a job after graduating depends heavily on the major earned. Computer science majors will have a much easier time than a visual and performing arts major would, for example. Is it possible that an Associate’s degree might be more valuable than a Bachelor’s? About 30 percent of Americans with Associate’s degrees now make more than those with Bachelor’s degrees. There are currently 29 million jobs which only require an Associate’s degree (jobs paying a middle class wage).

Do you think people will bypass investing in a Bachelor’s degree and put their money toward an Associate’s degree instead? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the full infographic below to learn more!

Death of the Bachelor's Degree
Source: BestMastersPrograms.org


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