Look through your smartphone’s recent call list, text messages and photo album. Your phone holds all your secrets. If someone gains control of your phone, they gain control of your virtual identity—and the threat is more real than you can imagine. Since 2012, mobile malware threats are up 163 percent and more than 50,000 new threats have been discovered. Over 21 million devices were infected in 2013 alone—and about 32 percent of mobile malware discovered in the first half of 2013 was designed to collect and profit from a user’s personal data.

Certain apps can be dangerous as well. The 15 million photos shared daily on Snapchat, for instance, don’t just disappear—they’re stored on Snapchat’s servers. It’s scary to imagine that anyone can learn how to bypass these servers. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should—at a minimum—set an access passcode for your smartphone.

For more information and tips on protecting your privacy, check out the full infographic by NQ Mobile.



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