Valentine’s Day just happened, and you may have felt a little low because you’re a nerd who just can’t seem to get it right with the ladies. But let us tell you how wrong you are. These days,the gym rat isn’t the alpha male anymore, it’s the guy who can fix computers and has a (valuable) collection of Magic: The Gathering cards. And since more than 70% of the population considers themselves to be in the geek category, that’s good news for an otherwise ignored demographic.

Most adults in the US would take home a nerd than a gym-culture king; that’s 84% of women and 58% of men. Older adults as well are more interested in the tech-savvy type, especially the 55+ crowd. This new sparked interest in nerdy dudes will likely lead to fakers, imposters, and some less-than-truthful individuals. Unfortunately, this is grounds for a difficult breakup if you’re not as skilled in the technical arts as you claimed to be.

What would you rather, a geek or a gym rat? Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Women Prefer Gadget-Handy Guys Over Gym Rats


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