Qualified science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals offer valuable expertise and growth potential to businesses, as they can spark innovation and development. However, the problem lies in finding these talented STEM professionals. For every 1.9 available STEM jobs, there is only qualified STEM professional available for hire. The shortage is only expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

Adecco, the STEM staffing experts, is here to help. In 2013, their STEM recruiters placed 13,000 talented STEM professionals into hard-to-fill roles across all industries. Their connections run deep with over 2.1 million professionals. Furthermore, Adecco serves a wide spectrum of industries, including the medical, IT/technology, manufacturing, automotive, banking/financial, aerospace and oil and gas space. Adecco works very closely with colleges and universities to ensure the pipeline of the next generation of great STEM talent is constantly flowing.

Is your business in need of a great, talented STEM professional? Contact Adecco and check out the infographic below to understand the incredible value they offer.

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