No matter who you are, your life has surely changed plenty over the years. You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals. You’ve moved away from your old hometown, and maybe even relocated several times after that. You’ve changed careers, or raised kids who now have families of their own. You’ve experienced trials and tribulations, joys and victories, good times and bad. You’ve adapted. Stood the test of time. Lived to tell the tale.

And you’d do it all again, with a few slight (or possibly major) changes. You’ve made mistakes, but you’ve also made some excellent choices. You’ve come a long way from where you’re from, and made a place for yourself in the world.

However, as good as life can be, you sometimes find your mind drifting wistfully back to the times and places that shaped you, the events that made you who you are. Of course, your thoughts immediately travel to the people you used to know – the most important parts of your treasured memories.

You might find yourself discussing old times with new friends, but they can’t truly understand what your experience was like any more than you can relate to their memories. You might enjoy each other’s stories, but as you describe your very best friend from school, the one who stayed by your side through thick and thin – you find that a large part of their essence, their significance, seems to evaporate, or gets lost in the story. It’s only natural for this to happen. Certain things, like a friendship that once meant everything to you, just can’t be expressed with words.

Of course, reminiscing with friends who were actually there is a completely different experience. It’s a little like walking together through an old film, adding details as you go: the color of the evening sky, the distant sounds of the rail yard, the music they played at the ice-skating rink, the smell of the county fair… these simple details are irreplaceable.

There’s something truly special about reliving the good old days with those who remember them as well as we do, isn’t there? The older we get, the more those stories matter to us, as they become more and more distant. Why does the passage of time magnify the significance of the events, places, and relationships that shaped us as we came of age?

Could it be that in retrospect, we see how pivotal they were? How much they would influence the people we’d become? Or, is it just nostalgia, plain and simple?

Why is it that the relationships we had with childhood friends, those friendships from a long, long time ago – why do they seem to have so much more depth than many of those that came after?

This sounds like a great topic for a conversation with those old friends, doesn’t it? Why not send this article to them, and see what they think? Think of it as an excuse to get back in touch. Not that you need one, of course – your longtime pals will be overjoyed to hear from you again!

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