Back in 1994 New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani initiated the stop and frisk law. In an effort to reduce crime and gun violence on the streets of New York City, the law gave police officers the right to stop, question, and frisk anyone they believed to be reasonably suspicious. For years the stop and frisk law has been one of the most talked about and remains highly controversial. Is it keeping New york safe or is it just supporting racial discrimination?

Since it’s implementation, millions of New Yorkers have been stopped and the great majority of them have been found to be completely innocent. The stop and frisk law, however, has shown to stop a much higher volume of black and latino new yorkers compared to whites.

In 2013, Federal judge Shira Scheindlin found stop and frisk racially discriminatory and unconstitutional. Additionally, since 2007 about 150,000 stops have been found to be unconstitutional and lacking justification.

Here is an infographic for more the subject. What do you think about stop and frisk? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

Stop and Frisk


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